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We are a small rescue group that relies on foster homes to shelter our cats and kittens that are up for adoption.


Why foster with Pitter Patter?

Fostering kittens with Pitter Patter is a very rewarding experience. All of the kittens are raised in a home environment around people and kids. The kittens that find homes with Pitter Patter are happy kittens. The time that you as a foster family put with these young kittens is crucial to their overall development into happy and healthy pets. Most of the kittens at Pitter Patter have come from very sad prospects. They were either trapped from outside at a young age or their mother (often feral) was trapped outside and they were born in the home environment. It is the extra special care and love that makes these kittens amazing pets! As a foster family will will feel the rewards when you have your kittens adopted into their forever homes!

Not sure you can foster a cat? Here are eight reasons you can, even if you think you can’t.

Is fostering kittens right for you?

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below.

A few things to consider or to have if you want to foster kittens:

• Make sure your family is all on board to have kittens in the house. If you have a family member that is allergic to cats or young or excitable children then fostering may not be the right option for you.

• Making room for the kittens. It is best to have an area for the kittens that is their own space. This can be a large bathroom, a mud room that can be closed off, a small spare room. It is ideal to have this room to be one that can be cleaned easily, not too big and few places for kittens to hide.

• Making sure you have time for the kittens. Kittens need to be tended to every few hours. Some kittens may require if more time if they do not have a mother to feed them. Some very small kittens could even require bottle feeds. Kittens also need to be transported to their doctors appointments.

• Lastly, fostering kittens is a financial commitment as well. Our organization pays for all vet bills and medicines that the kittens require but we do ask that you supply kitten food and litter.


How old, how many and how long? At Pitter Patter the foster families generally will start with the kittens around 6-8 weeks. But their are lots of exceptions. Many of the kittens may be born to a feral mom and in order to socialize the kittens they need to be away from the mother. Once they are able to eat food they can be placed with one of the foster families along with their litter mates. A litter can be anywhere from 2-7 kittens. In a normal situation a foster family may have the kittens for about 4-6 weeks. They are generally adopted out at 10-11 weeks.


What you need:

• A room that is away from other animals and that is easy to clean and is cozy. Such as a large bathroom or mudroom or small bedroom

• Litter boxes, small for when they are young and bigger as they get older

• Blankets or bed or a low cut box for the kittens to snuggle in

• Warming pad for young kittens

• Toys

• Feeding bowls and water bowl (low non tipping is helpful), We often use take out containers

• Extra towels, cleaning supplies and a broom is helpful to have on hand

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below.

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